January 13, 2012

Big Girl Room Reveal

I am very happy to bring to you the reveal blog entry!!!

We've been working very HARD on her room this past year. Lots of credit to the hubbs who did all the chair rail and painted the headboard, and putting up the curtain rods. Lots of things I either was nervous doing or really dislike doing. So that made me smile.

Of course what would a reveal be without a BEFORE photo. The room before was much worse than it looks. With a lovely sun/moon border. Yucky white walls, and lots of TLC needed it wasn't a walk in the park getting the room like we wanted. But it's done and I'm VERY happy with how it came out.

See what I mean...ewe!

Thankfully the border came down with great ease!

We did have all the baseboard heating replaced. You'll notice it's a bit different.

And Josh had to hang the closet door. Not an easy job, when the house is old.

Now it looks like this...

Love the little detail. Like the curtain rods. See? (they're butterflies)

Our light switch that doesn't work. haha.

This is how I hung the frames. I first layed the frames on the floor, on the paper, in the way I wanted them. Then marked where I needed to hammer a nail. Then with some painters tape, taped the paper onto the wall. And then hammered in the nails where the I marked. And then ripped the paper off.
 Fairly easy. 

(sorry about the flash, the lighting wasn't good)

You'll notice the canvas doesn't look like {this} anymore. It didn't last long. I guess I didn't factor in a two year old and her enjoyment of fun hanging things. Maybe in a year or so it'll be put back together. Until then I had to at least put the canvas up in her room.

Her doll cradle with "new" bedding. Yay!

This is her headboard before Josh painted it. Not so bad, but it was going to need something. 
So first we spray primed it. Then sprayed painted it the green color it is now. Not real hard.

This is it now =)

Isn't her quilt amazing? It's even quilted, LOVE!

Yes, everything does have a home. I am the queen of baskets & bins ;)

We received a Christmas Gift in the box below. Perfect for her books. =)

And yes she does play in her room and make a mess. I just spiffied it up for the photos. 

{Before} and {After}

{Before} and {After}

Here's everything broken up:

Headboard/Bed- $10 at a yard sale (it was painted for about $12 more- spray paints from Home Depot)

Quilt- Hubbs cousin La'Tisha made it. Isn't it gorgeous?

Sheets- $12 from Target (best place to get cute sheets cheap, always look in Clearance)

Curtains- Target 

Curtain Rods- Target

Bedrail: Craigslist- $5!

Two Dressers- My mom's old ones, the sheet in the closet is covering the mirror that goes with the set. Not sure if I'll use it or now. (our next project, PAINT them!)

Pink & Purple Baskets for toys- Target

Play Kitchen- Target

Frames- Assortment of places, Michaels mostly.

Mirror Butterflies on wall- Homegoods

Letter "A"- Michaels (check out how I made it here)

Owl Canvas- Painted by me.

Bulletin Board- we got it when we were married, maybe Walmart (I painted the trim)

Ashlyn Joy sign- Hubbs got it in Panama on a missions trip. Guess the guy is known around the world though. 

Doll Cradle- Made for me by extended family when I was little.

Doll Cradle bedding: My mom!! (mattress, sheets, quilt and pillow)

The Precious Moment doll on dresser was also mine as a little girl. Love to pass down items that were mine as a little girl. 

Feel free to pin anything onto Pinterest. But don't forget to link the photos to my blog.

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