About Me

My hubbie is my rock. 

You can usually find me drinking a nice cup of Chai. (Hot or iced)

Typically I choose eating healthy over take out, although I do love Chipotle and Panera Bread.

There is a LOT of green in my home. 

Buy me some dark chocolate and we'll be friends.

Invite me to eat Tacos and I'm there.

I really enjoy watching our kids learn new things.

I'm a country girl who LOVES the ocean.

Invite me hiking and I'm usually in.

I can officially say I'm a "Triathlete" Yay!

My choice for ice cream is....coffee/oreo

I like to wear skirts and dresses. 

I really enjoy making our house a home.

Sunday mornings I enjoy being with my church family.

I heart Boston. 

I like to cook, and occasionally I will bake something yummy.

I like pretty gardens and fences.


I LOVE God -- I hope his light is reflected through all I do. 

Thanks for checking out my blog.