January 5, 2012

A few Pinterest Ideas put to the test.

I'm starting to feel like a real blogger now.

I just signed up for ads on my page (not that I'll actually make much money, but it's a good start).

Made a few pages, check out the ABOUT ME page at the top of the blog page.

And even got a comment from a well known blogger.

Check out her page here. She's got an amazing cleaning challenge that I said I was gonna do for New Years. The kitchen is this week. And yes I'm working on it. ;) 

  I say that makes me officially cool. Right? We all need a little confidence booster once in awhile. I'll take what I can get. haha.

Anyways, the other day I decided I was going to try a few Pinterest ideas. Ya, I do actually do them. They aren't just for looking cool on my Pinterest boards. Gatta love it! I had just cleaned our shower so I figured it appropriate to try cleaning our shower head. Who knew it was that easy. A little vinegar, a bag, and a hair elastic. And Bam! I did use a warm cloth and some tooth picks too to get it where I wanted it to be. My husband loves that our bathroom smells like vinegar now. Haha. Guess I shouldn't had left the warm cloth in there to dry over night.

Here's where I found the link to how to clean a shower head. (here)

Here are the {before} and {after} pics.

It looks way better than I could capture on camera. But you get the point. And I even shined up all the other silver fixtures in the bath. :)

The second Pinterest project I did this week was make my own
 modge podge (directions HERE) & use that to make 
Ashlyn's "A" for her wall a pretty pink damask with some scrapbook paper. 

One thing I learned:
 When making the modge podge empty the entire glue container in the salsa container. And then fill the empty glue container with water, easy way to get exactly half water and to get the rest of the glue out. 


I hope to do more projects to post. It's really fun.

And I'm working on painting frames as we speak for Ashlyn's room. I'm anxious to get them on the wall. And I'm looking for a good verse to put in one of the frames. Fun fun fun!!

Happy Blogging.

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