May 11, 2012

Burlap is my new friend

Wanna know what I made today while our oldest learned some phonics (aka You Tube), lol. 

I purchased a few yards of burlap a few months ago. I've always loved it's organic look, and had lots of ideas of how I would use it.

Maybe this or this.

 After months of the fabric just sitting there, and my head dreaming up what I would do with it, I finally did something with it. 

An old bulletin board from Target (I painted the trim white previously)
A piece of Burlap that fits.
Ribbon for the trim.
A glue gun with lots of extra glue.

Like it?

Oh and I made a few simple felt flowers to go on it. Just cut a strip of felt & roll it up, using my glue gun to glue it as I rolled. Easy enough? =)

And our little girl finally has her bulletin board back on the wall. I needed to fix it since the things that hold it up fell off. Nothing a good 'ol glue gun can't fix. I'm happy with the outcome. =)

Hope this inspires you ;)

May 10, 2012

our little man's first year.

Carter Edward Grayum

from this... this!
{Our little man}
I just wrote the title and it almost made me tear up. I can't get over how quick a year goes by. Our little man is going to be "one" in 13 days! My baby is not gonna be a baby anymore. I'm not a baby person, although I love his little innocence and can't forget those belly giggles. And how awesome he is when we go places & how good he sleeps. Although it wasn't always this way. Probably why I love it now. He now can stand up on anything, and reach almost anything he wants on his tiny tippie toes. (yikes!) He babbles all the time, mostly "bababababa", "dadadadada" or "mamamama." He's got tiny feet, still a size 1. Although all the shoes he wears are a size 2, ha!  He's got two teeth, top and bottom left. And a diaper rash that's lasted a month :( . It's under control now, but it comes back every day. My theory is it's because of his teeth and that his little bum is very sensitive to scented wipes. :( His teeth have given him some good cries, makes me really sad. Something I never dealt with with our Ashlyn. He loves to dance to music, or really just move to it because he can't walk yet. And clap to music,. And he waves hi and bye. He points to everything too. It's funny because it's the same finger he points with that he sucks when he's tired. So it goes from pointing to the mouth most times. He loves his blankie (although he has a few we use) and the tags that are on the blacket. He's not really fond of his taggie blanket though, hmmm. He also loves to cuddles his teddy bears, thank you Grammy G. And he loves it when daddy puts out books, and stands them up on end. If you want to be his friend, do that. And loves pointing to all the things in the books. As for food he'll eat almost anything. Some things I've found he doesn't like are green beans & cheese. But he loves avocados cut up or guac, bananas (he eats one every morning), fish (my homemade fish sticks), mac n cheese (homemade or annie's) or any pasta really, black beans with garlic powder, chicken & steak from the grill (he's only had flank steak since it melts in his mouth basically) & peas (cold or warm). He drinks milk at his meals from his sippy cup and water between meals. He loves watching daddy outside on the deck work on the yard. It's nice that we have the deck gate up now. He also loves to be outside and play in the grass. And prob his most favorite outdoor spot is the swing. He also loves to take baths with his sister. They have a special bond. I'm really looking forward to them growing older together. He loves to play with her where ever she is, at her little kitchen, playing her Dora doll house, blocks, the musical toys, reading books, puzzles, etc.

So as we celebrate our little mans life. I have to stop and thank God for the little man he brought into our life just after miscarrying another precious one. I knew he would bless us with a baby, I just didn't know it was going to be Carter, I am a blessed momma with two very special little ones. 

{And a special day is coming up & I need to stop and thank my mom}

 One she chose life, or I wouldn't be here. Second she loved me and showed me God's love through her love/life. And third she was the example I am seeing my self becoming. You know that saying "You turn into your mom" Ya, perfectly, and I wouldn't change a thing. =)
Thank you...and...LOVE YOU MOM!
Grandma Abell, my mom, and me the kiddos.

I'm also blessed with a great/encouraging/loving/inspiring "Mother In LOVE". (not everyone can say that) Without you I wouldn't have a husband, so thanks for raising such an amazing man. =)

And I love that you love hiking too!

to all the mom's reading this.