January 12, 2012

snow & dreaming up our basement.

I am very thankful for my readers, as well as those who comment. Always nice to hear your input. Thanks Jenna for the comment on the Phil and Teds stroller. Do you have that particular stroller? Anyone reading this have one? I've heard good things about the Phil and Teds strollers. Another one to keep a look out for on craigslist. Keep the comments coming. 

Today was nice. We had a little time outside building a beautiful snowman. Ashlyn was super cute playing in the snow. I would have just let her play forever, but mommy was ready to come in. I had no idea building a snowman was as much work as it was. I forgot how hard it was putting one snowball on another. Especially when you grow up only building the large kind. But it was so worth the back pain.

Here is our masterpiece.

I love my girl!! 

We're hoping to do some demo in our basement and have more usable space down there. A spare room, a larger bathroom than what's there now, a sitting/library area, closets for storage, a craft area, and a large space for a family room/tv area. Here are a few photos of ideas I want to do. Obviously money and space makes a huge difference. But it's fun to dream right?

1. Closet with craft supplies (this is top notch, doubt I could ever replicate this, but it's fun to dream)

2. Sitting area/library (we NEED a space for our books, the hubbs loves to read)

3. TV area. (I love the built ins, books could go here too)

4. Play area (Room to make a mess. I'm tired of our living room always being a mess)

5. Spare bedroom. (It's got to be simple, but cozy!)

7. Bath (We already have built in shelves, but I'd like how the wall is painted a different color)

8. Stairs. (I'm a huge fan of sprucing ours up, they may need to be replaced.)

It's going to be a lot of work getting our basement to a place of design, so for now we dream. I think we are going to start by getting the walls up and carpet down. But it's going to be fun to document our journey. Hope to have something more to say before next year. 

Bye for now,

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