March 14, 2013

To keep or not to keep...?

So we haven't done a whole lot of other work on the basement since last week. Today I spent a little bit of time going through boxes and making a fairly large pile of "donation" and a pile of "trash". And then a smaller pile of "keeps".   It's amazing how much stuff we have accumulated over the years, that is plain ol junk... that I've kept "just in case." I'm learning a lot about myself, and learning that I'm trashing things way easier than ever. A HUGE milestone for me. I've always thought I was a "purger". But now I think I've hit the mark right on. So with all the hard work, we will come out of this more organized and storing less stuff. I hope : /

The next project is going to be finding the right lighting and electrical stuff. I'll be following that in a blog entry soon.

On another note...I wanted to post a few fun photos that I didn't get in the last post. 
Gatta love destroying walls.

Hope that made you smile.


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