March 23, 2013

Bathroom walls come doooowwwnn...

So today was another big day in our basement. Josh tore down a few more walls. The walls to the bathroom and the walls around one of the poles. We are making the bathroom a wee bit larger and more square, see..

Basically right now we only have one more wall to take down, the wall around the door that right now is the entrance to the basement from the upstairs. We do not want a door or a wall there. When we walk down the stairs we will see the playroom in full view. Yay!!

Here are some photos of our bathroom wall destruction. Oh the joys of destroying walls.

 Yes he did ALL the work. I just take the photos and keep encouraging him!
 You can how odd shaped it was by looking at the top/bottom beams.
 Little man helping daddy.
 And...the view from inside the bathroom.
(See the pole and what we see is part of a pole?
There use to be a wall there,
 just a small wall to cover it up,
wierd that there is just a little pole there,
 but there will be a wall to cover it up)
And here we have it. 

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