January 3, 2012

Homemade Chicken Pot Pie

You know those nights you want something to eat that warms you heart and soul. Homemade chicken pot pie is high up on that list. A friend of mine, MJ, posted on facebook about her lovely Chicken Pot pie coming out of the oven and it made me want it. Thanks MJ, no....... THANKS MJ!!! =)

 For real though, it is one of my favorites. I was very thankful I had cooked up some chicken a week or so ago and froze it. It was perfect for this dish. One thing I did NOT have to do. Always nice.

I got out my handy cookbook. You know, the one you get when you're married and you use ALL the time. Yes, that one. I have the Better Homes and Garden one, the Breast Cancer edition actually, it's pink. I looked up this recipe. Ok it's not called Chicken Pot Pie, but it's really what it is.

And so I whipped it up all while jumping over and tripping on Mega Blocks. 
If you've ever stepped on one you'll know why I mentioned this. 

First start by preheating the oven. 
(Something you don't want to forget!)
 400 degrees. Ok?

I started with the crust, the part that brings it all together. 
A little flour, Salt, Crisco, and cold water. Pretty basic. 
Please don't tell me you use the store bought crust,
 it's not THAT hard to make. 

Then roll it out with some flour. It should match the size pan you are using. 

Then I cut up two whole carrots and one large onion. 
(I didn't have celery, bummer!) 
Carrots are not in the recipe, red peppers are. But I like carrots. 

Then added some flour, salt, and pepper to make a roue. 
The part that makes the Pot Pie thick.

Then I added the chicken broth, milk, and poultry seasoning. 
And heat on medium heat till bubbling. It should thicken.

I then diced up about 2 cups of cooked chicken.

I then added the chicken & some frozen peas. It should now look like this. 

Put the mixture in a baking dish.

Top the mix with the crust and brush a scramble egg.
And then put in the oven to bake for 30 minutes.

Isn't she adorable?

It comes out looking like this. Ooey gooey yumminess!!! 
Now is the hard part, letting it sit for 20 minutes. Ya.

And I almost forgot to get a photo of what it looks like inside. 
Ya, it was THAT good! And I was that hungry. 

Oh & this is the cutie who watched me eat it. Wondering where his food was. 
Don't worry I did give him some peas and pears.

My husband said that was one of the best meals he's eaten in awhile. Boo ya! I love hearing that. I mean it's been awhile since I've put together a meal like that. I guess it's true. I agree. 

Hope this inspires you. 

Happy cooking,


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