January 9, 2012

Some more favorite baby items - STROLLERS

I realized soon after my post last week on my "favorite baby items" that I have so many more things that I wanted to share. So here is the continuation of that post with my list of favorite strollers.

This is my opinion, and with the help of people giving them as gifts at our showers and a craigslist deal we have these. I'm not sure it would be the same otherwise, so thanks to all who helped contribute!

Here we go...

First is the umbrella stroller. We got ours at target. I think everyone needs this go-to stroller. Better at the mall than on trails, but is also good on smooth pavement or sidewalk. It doesn't have to have all the bells and whistles. Just an easy transport for your child when you need something that packs easy and does the job.

She is just so happy, ha. Sorry I couldn't find a better one.
Second is the snap-and-go. I know lots of manufactures make this now, Baby Trend, Graco, etc. It's cheap and has lots of storage, for the most part. I love the Graco one because we have the Graco car seat. Basically it's a stroller that only is necessary for transporting baby in the car seat. It has no use without a car seat that fits properly. This is great when the older one wants to walk, like on walks down the street or when I just have the baby with me and I don't prefer to carry the car seat around. The Graco one has a HUGE basket under it as well as a cup holder and key holder. Basically if I'm shopping I just throw my items into the basket underneath. And no people don't think I'm stealing. I think they just understand it makes sense. The best feature though is it fold up fairly small. 

Here's our little man in the snap and go.

Another stroller we have is a Jeep Liberty Limited Urban, one child, all-terrain stroller. I'm big on all-terrain strollers, instead of jogging ones. Basically the front wheel is not locked (but can lock), the wheels pump up with air like bike tires, are great on different ground, and even has suspension for those bumpy walks. I love the Jeep brand because our Graco car seat fits nicely in. Ours has a TWO large baskets under, cup holders for both mommy and child, some pockets on the side for diapers and wipes, a steering wheel with music for baby, an ipod hookup with speaker for music. Ya I love it. The negative, it pretty much fills a car trunk. (Although traveling we did fit both the snap and go and the Jeep Liberty one in our Ford Taurus trunk)

You can sorta see how much luggage we could fit in the basket. We never travel light. 
*Notice the front basket. (Where you see the towel below) Not many strollers have that feature.

Lastly... for those moms with two kiddos this one is for you. It can fit two fairly good size kids. I'm talking two under 4 or maybe a small five year old. It can hold up to 100 lb.!! Seriously it's that heavy duty. It's the {BOB DUALLIE  SE stroller}. We have the 2006 edition, but there is an even newer edition that is basically the same with a newer look. The positives, which are many, can fit a baby car seat in one side (with attachment), one hand open (and easy close too!), can fit in a car trunk (YES, and it doesn't take up space like you would think, the tires come off, super easy!), the sun shade actually covers the child when they need to take a nap (almost completely!), they lay back when it's nap time or if using with a newborn (and yes we did lay Carter in it at only a few weeks old, with a neck pillow), the front wheel can swivel and lock when needed, it's fairly narrow and can fit through doorways, and you can push the stroller with one hand without it going off course (EASILY!). This isn't the stroller you want to be walking through kid's stores or city subways with, but anywhere else it does great. So ya, if you have two kiddos this one is for you. Especially if you plan on doing trails, and fairs. So check out craigslist now, and keep your eye out, because they are on there much cheaper and they do go like hot cakes (whatever that means). And they do make other editions, single, jogging (although I don't suggest this one the front wheel is permanently locked!), Ironman, and others.

 I should also mention a few negatives which are... the attachments are not included (I like the mommy cup holders, the kid cup holders/car seat attachment, and the rain shield), and a car seat can fit in with the attachment, but it never goes in perfectly level, but it works.

Here are Carter and Ashlyn last summer. Carter was only a few weeks old.

It's safe to say strollers have come a long way. 

 Can you imagine pushing that?

So for all you new moms this is obviously just my opinion. But I hope it helps. 

Thanks for checking it out!

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  1. another double stroller to check out is the Phil and Teds Explorer. It is an all-terrain in-line stroller so the kids sit one in front of another so you can still go thru doorways, etc. It can be used as a single or a double (the double is an attachment). It is expensive though and like the BOB accessories are sold separately (cup holders, rain shield, carseat adapters, etc)