June 24, 2013

Sprint Triathlon - Recap

If you had told me in December of last year I'd run a Triathlon in June I'd thought you were crazy. I was completely out of shape and really not in mind of ever doing an event with more than one type of physical activity. And I haven't swam in almost ten years! I knew I wanted to run a race on or around my 30th birthday, but that would mean I would run a 5k, easy peasy, and be happy with that. 

So here I am 6 months later...and I did it! Crazy.

 So here's the recap of my race. 

I started the morning with a breakfast of Oatmeal, half a banana, Chia Seeds, a drizzle of maple syrup. And a large cup of ice cold water. I was thinking of having my normal Chai Tea, but I thought maybe it wouldn't be good before a race, it always make me have to pee more and dehydrates me a bit.

I left for the 9am race by 7:10am to get there by about 7:30am. I needed a song for the day so I put on Matt Redman's 10,000 reasons and blasted it. So all day I was singing that. What a  perfect song since we started first thing in the morning.

Link to song here.

We lined up here about quarter to 9. And I got a bit nervous seeing the first leg of the race leave for the swim.
The swimmers looked so small and the course looked so BIG all the sudden.


We had to stay to the right of all the orange buoys. 

Here I am, second in line to the two Pink Shirt Volunteers, with the black shorts.

And again. (now the nerves are kicking in even more)

And now I'm actually in the water, treading water. 
Not the funnest time getting kicked by others since we're all crammed into a tiny spot. I learned real quick to tread water in a tiny area, or drown, basically.

And off I go...

 My little cheerleaders. LOVE!

Swim DONE! And now the transition to the bike leg.
Swam: 1/3 mile in 16 minutes 22 seconds.

Here I am getting my bike out of the transition area.

And off I go...

I was happy when I saw all the things for the kids to do...Ashlyn had a blast on this slide, which began with an obstacle course. 

 He missed me on the bike, because I did it a lot faster than I had thought and he wasn't ready. Not a bad reason to miss it I guess.  Felt good every part of the bike part, yay!

Bike 16 miles: 1 hour 6 minutes 3 seconds

And here I am starting the running leg. Feeling a bit wobbly, but running my heart out none the less.

Once I hit the grassy area I totally became full of emotion and my breathing wasn't happening the way I wanted it to. Josh thought I was gonna throw up, I thought I was gonna pass out and my first thought was where can I get oxygen and fast??...the reason I didn't stop running. And who walks this part? So ya, I thought duh I have to run no matter how I feel. 

 TMI I know...but... I knew I had a weak bladder (from having babies) and wondered what would happen during the running part, I only peed a little the last mile. So I can now add myself to that club. 

Thankfully I made it just fine and didn't need the assistance of oxygen. 

Run 5k: 30 minutes 22 seconds

I DID IT!!! 

Swim 1/3 mile: 16:22
Swim/Bike Transition: 04:34
Bike 16 miles: 1:06:03
Bike/Run Transition: 00:47
Run 5k: 30:22
Total time: 01:58:06

 Eating some free Jake's Ice cream! Yum!

I am so thankful for all the support I had from Josh and everyone else around me. It was Josh's idea in the first place, so he gets so much credit for this. And I really wouldn't have done it without Josh taking the kids a ton so I could go out and run or bike OR taking the kids with us on a bike ride or run together with the double stroller.  And I'm thankful for the YMCA where I could train with up to two hours of the childcare. They really are awesome!

I hope this inspires you. =)


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