May 11, 2012

Burlap is my new friend

Wanna know what I made today while our oldest learned some phonics (aka You Tube), lol. 

I purchased a few yards of burlap a few months ago. I've always loved it's organic look, and had lots of ideas of how I would use it.

Maybe this or this.

 After months of the fabric just sitting there, and my head dreaming up what I would do with it, I finally did something with it. 

An old bulletin board from Target (I painted the trim white previously)
A piece of Burlap that fits.
Ribbon for the trim.
A glue gun with lots of extra glue.

Like it?

Oh and I made a few simple felt flowers to go on it. Just cut a strip of felt & roll it up, using my glue gun to glue it as I rolled. Easy enough? =)

And our little girl finally has her bulletin board back on the wall. I needed to fix it since the things that hold it up fell off. Nothing a good 'ol glue gun can't fix. I'm happy with the outcome. =)

Hope this inspires you ;)

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