April 25, 2012

love me some iphone apps.

Apparently I've been without a new blog post for awhile. Guess those kiddos of mine have kept me doing the things I should be doing more of. Recently I've been convicted of doing too much social media and not enough of the important things. So I've cut out a little of the things that do me no real good, and have been giving my kids LOTS of fun attention.

 I've been trying to teach our 33 month old daughter a little pre-school. Even if I have no real structure in my teaching, I feel it's already helping her. A few weeks ago she was stuck with calling a "Banana" a "Mia". It's funny how certain sounds to kids come out way different then we would ever imagine. So we started with the letter B, for no particular reason, but I found a few free printable for that letter. We got started on painting, coloring, glueing pom-poms, whatever crafty thing I had around, all using the letter B and the printable I got. We learned some "B" words, what a "B" says, and how to write the upper and lower case ones. I think she very well knows everything about a "B", haha. Not that she can properly write the "B", she'll get that eventurally. But getting to the "Banana" problem, she went from "Mia" to "Ba-Mia", to now saying "Ba-mana". Yay!! We're getting some results of simply learning a letter of the alphabet. Now we're onto the letter "M". I just threw that letter out there because she always calls it a "W". I love teaching her, and watching her actually learn something. Makes me a proud Momma!

Here is a great site if you plan on teaching your preschooler:


So what else do I have to share...this is fun. 
Ready for it??

I came across a few apps for my iphone that have changed my life, well sorta. I wouldn't call it a transformation, but hey it made my life a bit more organized & fun.

One of them is the "Key Ring" App. Your know how your keys are getting all crammed up with lots of cards. Yay, I can finally get rid of those icky cards on my key chain. And...listen to this. It keeps track of all the bonus stuff you have on those cards. Did you know you actually can use the cards for discounts on stuff? See the little number next to each store name, the one in the orange box? Ya, you can get Drift Detergent 5 bucks off with your babys-r-us card. Seriously amazing! 
Another fun, "Mom" app was the "Phone 4 Kids" app. It basically turns your iPhone into a kids toy. The normal, basic version, is free. You can pay $1.99 for the full version. But the basic version does a lot. Like there is paint, call a fake friend, text a fake friend, learn the alphabet. It's really neat. And your kid feels special they have their "own" phone. 
Also make sure you download the Kindle app for your iphone, it's free. There are a lot of free books out there. It's not the best way to read the books, but who knows maybe one day you'll get a Kindle and you can read them and you'll have them. ;)

Hope this was helpful to you.

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