April 7, 2012

He is Risen.

Hello =)

Easter Sunday and the whole week/weekend is such a different thing when I was a kid. I'm so glad we have such wonderful memories. Sun rise services, football in my Easter dress, dying eggs with the family, family. I'm so thankful I was taught from birth the TRUE reason we celebrate Easter mostly. Now I have my own kids and I get to start new memories for them and teach them about why we do what we do. I love when A gets all excited when we read her the book "Easter at Our House". 
I totally recommend this book. I love how it has a good mixture of fun, Easter egg hunts, Easter dinner, getting dressed up, and the true meaning, Jesus's death and resurrection & worshipping God. No Easter Bunnies, not really a fan of them. I like bunnies, the cute one, just not those creepy ones at the mall, haha. (anyone else agree?)

Anyways I leave you with this:

Let's celebrate the reason we LIVE, because HE LIVES!! 

Amen =)

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