February 8, 2012

pros and cons.


Less than a week from Valentine's Day. As much as I love the holiday I think I like the colors and food that goes with it the most. And the excuse to go out with the hubbs. Our kids aren't at an age that really understand holidays and what they are all about. Our oldest Ashlyn, two and a half, doesn't know one day to the next. She just knows some days we go out or have people over, and others we just stay home and do the household stuff. So with that said I've been trying to find the perfect Valentine's Gift for A's sunday school friends. I think I found the perfect one. Just got to get on making them, since we'll be passing them out sunday. Yikes! And yes I will blog about that. Wish I did it well in advance so I can show ya'll, but it'll be on here for next year I suppose. ;)

So for now I'll post a few things with their pros and cons.

So to begin...

Extreme Pita. 

Pro: I got the Thai Chicken Pita. It was filled with lots of veggies and chicken. I felt like it was healthy. The pita was super soft and seriously could have just eaten it alone.

Con: The only negative would be it fell apart half way through eating, but I guess if I ate the pita with the wrap on it would stay together much better. Needless to say it was worth the mess.

I started doing Ashlyn's hair on a daily basis. Her hair is at the perfect length for playing with. I'm SUPER happy about that!

 Pro: I've got the one braid down.

Con I need to work on the two :-/ Notice the burettes holding the hair in place. But we're getting there...

 Two frozen Burritos to the test:


Pro: Best tasting Burrito I've EVER eaten, frozen or not. The shell was naturally soft and not hard to cut  through with a fork. You can buy this at Market Basket. A HUGE plus.
Con: Didn't seem to have any eggs, but mainly potatoes and cheese. I know they were in there somewhere. haha.


Pros: Healthy and tasted really good. Also it was very filling, but it was one of the largest frozen burritos I've eaten. Also found at Market Basket. (I did eat it with some salsa.)
Cons: High calories. But what could I expect. Right?

Oh and I mentioned in a tweet that we were having trouble with out latest iphone app for budgeting. We have switched from Toshl to EEBA (via) This is anther {free} app. hopefully EEBA does a better job keeping our budget on track. 

Brr...I gatta go warm up in a blanket. 

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