February 7, 2012

The Grocery Budgeting Solution

So the Hubbs and I have decided on a grocery budget solution. We really needed something that fit our lifestyle. So we came down to signing up for e-mealz and getting an app for our iphone that could be synced so that when I or he went shopping, we could record right away how much was spent and keep the monthly budget for groceries to what we have it at. Hopefully our plan will work. It's been one week. Ha!

So first we signed up for...

It's basically a menu planner for each week. And a weekly grocery list is included. If you have a Super Wal-mart or Whole foods Stores nearby, this one is for you. Or I guess you could shop anywhere, as long as the prices stay within the certain range. Market Basket's prices are fairly close to Wal-mart's.

Oh, and look for coupon codes online for Emealz. We got a HUGE discount on GROUPON when we signed up for EMEALZ. 

Then we got this iPHONE app for budgeting,


We use the free version of TOSHL (with iCLOUD, so we both can see the money spent on our own phones) for the iPHONE. The free version basically only allows for one budget category. For us we only need one. So far it's working. We just have to remember to put in how much we spend. One of those things that after time, I'm hoping will be a habit.

I will keep everyone updated as we continue our journey with this budget solution. So far I LOVE knowing I don't have to plan a meal for the day, it's already planned.

So, for tonight's grocery shopping: I have my list basically done. Just adding on a few things for breakfast and other necessities. LOVE!

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