December 29, 2011

one thousand gifts

I hope you all had a wonderful Christmas. We sure did. 

I'm happy to be back & blogging. The hubs had some time off so we did a little shopping, relaxed a lot, and got rid of the dead tree. Phew. I love real Christmas trees but it had lived a nice life & needed to out of our cluttered living room. 

We also had some time to read. And it was nice the hubs got me a few new books to get going on. One being "One Thousand Gifts"

Very poetic & very encouraging. That is what I think about it so far. I've only read a few chapters & I'm really excited to get going further.  I'm not sure if you're very familiar with Ann Voskamp. I wasn't. I just knew I was recommended to read this book & found she is much more than just this book. She's got a blog, a website, & other books. Interesting. 

One thousand gifts is basically one thousand things to thank God for. Read it. I can't wait to finish it & understand it all a little more.

And we've been working on Ashlyn's room. I am very excited to put up a photo gallery wall. I have the frames/photos/etc just got to get it up. Until then I'll leave you with a glimpse of her room thus far, the reveal will up soon. Get excited! She is blessed to have a room fit for a princess. A handy daddy. And a mommy who loves to decorate. ;) 

Oh and thinking about "making a what I want to do in 2012" list and posting it. Always fun to imagine things to do in the coming year. 

Hope to be a blessing to others.

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