March 28, 2012

kids greek yogurt

Hey =)

So, we've been suffering with this crazy head cold for almost a week now, and I'm really ready to be normal again. I like to breath. Thankful that the Hubbs didn't get it. The kids are kinda normal, even with it. I think they are way too distracted. Me? I'm a mess. Haha. I seriously think my brain is filled with mucous. You know that feeling? Seriously where does it come from? Ya, I'm convinced. Haha!

Recently I've tried two Greek Yogurts for Kids with our daughter. I love how they are less on the sugar and more on the protein. Anyways I wanted to do a little comparison for my bloggers. That's kinda fun right? Hopefully you can read the photo. 
The one on the left is the Stonyfield (ORGANIC) Yo Kids GREEK (strawberry) and the one on the right is the CHOBANI CHAMPIONS (very berry). 

I tried to get similar flavors as well. This was the closest I could get. 
Here's the run Down:

Calories: 100 (per 106g)
Fat: 1g
Sugar: 16g
Salt: 90mg
Protein: 6g
Calcium: 20% DV

Other Positive things about it: Includes Beet Juice, is Organic, cheaper for the most part.


Calories: 100 (per 100g)
Fat: 1.5g
Sugar: 11g
Salt: 40mg
Protein: 8g
Calcium: 10% DV

Other Positive things about it: Fun 3D game for your iphone with each lid, they have a chocolate flavor (have to try it!), uses Evaporated Cane Sugar.

The prices depend on where you get them. But I noticed the Stonyfield brand was 25 cents cheaper. Something to think about.

So if you have kids, or enjoy a yummy Greek Yogurt maybe this will help you the next time you shop. I try to shop smart. And it's fun to compare products beyond prices. Right? Enjoy!

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