January 25, 2012

First Birthdays.

Since I only started this blog a few months ago I wanted to go back a few years and post what I would have then, a blog on "First Birthdays". Of course back then I wouldn't have known what a First Birthday would be like. Now that we're planning, or I'm doing most of the planning, our little Carter's First Birthday I feel a bit more ready. Of course that doesn't mean I still won't stress a few days before. So maybe it's good I'm starting to dream up the day four months prior. To start I'd like to showcase Ashlyn's First Birthday. I really enjoyed creating this special day. Everything was homemade.


Ahh...I can't believe she was that little. (tear*)

 Photo by Amanda. Ahh...I love it!!

Custom bows/clips made by ME. Want one? I can make you one. Just leave me a message. 

Homemade invites. I love the verse.

And no I do not own a circuit or suilouette. I cut those letters out by hand. 

I loved making these cupcakes. I think I'm more of a cupcake girl then a cake girl. Will probably do this for Carter's Birthday too.

Didn't take long. Until it looked like this...

 We counted. Three bites. Doesn't look like it does it?

My favorite photo of the day. 
She was pretty tired through the cake and even through the gifts. But then we took out this and her eyes just lite up. And we got a nice smile from her. Oh the memories...

Now onto Carter. A boy's party needs some masculine colors. A theme. Perhaps..."Mr. Man" or "Little Mister". So here we go with some ideas.

It's a lot of fun to plan a party. Well for me it is. I would love your suggestions. We've only done a girl's party. What should we do at Carter's party that we couldn't do at Ashlyn's?? Fun fun fun! I'm glad most of the cousins are above 2 by then. I'm so having favors!! Any suggestions on homemade ones. See the play dough I have included. I may do homemade play dough. Easy & fun! Think practical.

Only four months to go. haha.

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  1. Adorable ideas!

    ~Mrs. Delightful